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About Lohchab Group

Hello!!! Welcome to Lohchab Group. Lohchab Group comprises of the following companies: 

  • * Lohchab Motor Company Private Limited 

  • * Lohchab-Krishna Motors Private Limited 

  • * Lohchab Autocar Private Limited 

  • * Lohchab Building Company Private Limited 

  • * Lohchab Energy Solutions Private Limited 

Lohchab Motor Company (LMC) is authorised dealers for Mahindra & Mahindra and Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd. The company has its inception back in 2009 and started operations in 2010. LMC has sold over 50000 vehicles in these past 11 years of operations. LMC caters to Rohtak & Jhajjar market for Mahindra & Mahindra, and Rohtak district for Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India. 

During our journey, we have been rewarded with prestigious MDeP Excellence award by M&M and various recognitions by HMSI. We have also been obliged to promote excellence by ET Auto, associated OEMs and co-dealers by recommending and listing us in All India's Top 100 Power Dealer List of 2018. We aspire to live or rather surpass these expectations on consistent basis. 

Lohchab Krishna Motors Private Limited is an authorised dealership for Renault India (P) Ltd. We address the needs of Renault customers in Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri and Jhajjar District. Renault India has provided mobility products that are supremely affordable, elegant and of top notch quality. Through Lohchab-Krishna Motors Private Limited, we have extended the reach of OEM to deep rural parts of the country and given them an opportunity to buy these safe (4 star rated NCAP products) cars for themselves and their family. We also accept trade-ins and retail used vehicles. 

Lohchab Autocar Private Limited (LAPL) is an authorised dealership of MG Motoring. LAPL has built state of art facilities for the OEM brand in its area of operations and given customer a taste of future ready dealerships. It is the largest of its kind showroom and workshop facility. It is equipped with latest of the equipment and most importantly, the right intent of winning a customer base through dedication & consistent performance. For MG India, LAPL works in the districts of Rohtak, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri and Jhajjar. 

Lohchab Building Company (LBC) is a sales & marketing corporation. It provides the building blocks for growth of group companies. It has also a back ground of expertise in construction and has carried many a projects through to their fruitful completion. 

The newest addition to the family is Lohchab Energy Solutions Private Limited (LESPL). This new company intends to walk hand in hand with changing landscape of fuel requirement in this region. With auto sector getting diversified into petrol (gasoline), diesel, CNG and electric, LESPL has recently been awarded with opportunity to operate retail outlet for Jio BP. This outlet will be built on Rohtak-Bhiwani highway and will also cater to traffic directed towards world class Trans Haryana Expressway. We intend to operational in CY 2023.  

Lohchab Group focusses on providing a transparent and delightful experience to all our customers and beyond. 

The group has its roots and growth owing to Shri Rajinder Singh Lohchab, chairman of the company. Our chairman has over 38 Years of experience in business. He started in steel fabrication and established Emm Aar El Group of Companies. His versatile nature has made him successful in thick and thin of doing business pre and post liberalisation and various economic slowdowns. His strong values and hard work has ensured every participating member at Lohchab Group puts his/her heart in performance. 

Lohchab Group has Mr. Jitesh Lohchab working as Managing Director. Jitesh brings in a varied experience of Consulting and working at an Automobile Major with him. Now over 12 years into business, he has lead the company from front to its current stature. He believes in leading by example and has been able to create an environment where each stakeholder of Lohchab Group works like an engine of growth in itself. He has firm belief in hard work and perseverance combined with innovative tilt as instruments of success and fulfilment. 

Lohchab Group enjoys contribution of Mrs. Parveen Lohchab Dahiya and Mr. Sahil Lohchab in various aspects of its business. Miss Parveen brings in the relevant drive for consistent performance and rigour to our work while Sahil is the touch of new thinking and ideology in all our pursuits. 

Even though Lohchab Group can name the above few but at the heart, the group is driven by each and every individual associated or working in it. There are many non-tangible factors or contributors also that shape Lohchab Group into its form of customer centric, high performing and socially responsible organization it is today. 

So, thanks to all of you those we have been able to reach in some manner or the other for all the milestones we have covered. 

We welcome you all here on our webpage to explore in further detail, what we do? 

To Know more details, Contact: 

Mahindra & Mahindra, Sports Utility Vehicles: 8059888800  
Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial, Pik Up Range (SCV>1 Ton Load Capacity): 8059888899 

Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial, Sub 1 Ton Range (SCV<1 Ton Load Capacity): 9319637975 

Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial, Last Mile Mobility (LMM) Range: 9319637975 

Visit: www.lohchabmahindra.com 


Renault India, Bhiwani Dealership: 85888 74682 

Renault India, Charkhi Dadri Dealership: 95823 22976  

Renault India, Jhajjar Dealership: 8199888181 

Visit: www.lohchabrenault.com 


Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Rohtak Dealership: 8684888801 

Visit: www.lohchabhonda.com 


MG Motoring India, Rohtak Dealership: 7303764068 

Visit: www.lohchabmg.com 


Jio BP Retail Outlet, Rohtak-Bhiwani Road

Visit: www.lohchabjiobp.com